Recommended reading

💻 Ukulele Ike was first well known for his simple vocal songs accompanied only by his instrument. He was later better known for something else — something you absolutely already know him for. J. P. Cavanaugh tells the tale. Read I Like Ike – The Most Famous Ukulele Player Ever (But He’s Not Famous For That)

Lion drinking fountain
Yashica-12, Fujifilm Velvia 50, 2020

💻 Jerome Carter contemplates the meaning of the blues: both the low-down feelings and the low-down guitar. Read The Meaning of the Blues

💻 If you feel like the views of the other side are a real threat to you, then perhaps it’s time to deliberately practice empathy. The other side is made of real people largely trying to live a good life, just like you. Eric Krebs explains. Read You Don’t Have to Hate the Other Side

💻 What does basic respect look like? Nicholas Stewart offers a baseline. Read Rules for Respect

📷 Katie Yang gives a short experience report with the often overlooked Olympus XA4. Read Olympus XA4

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