Copies & Fax

Copies & Fax
Pentax IQZoom 170SL
Fujifilm Fujicolor 200

When I last used my Nikon F2AS, I worried that the meter wasn’t right. To keep testing it, I put some Fujicolor 200 into it, and found that it has indeed gone wonky. Sadly, I’m going to have to send at least the head out so the meter can be recalibrated.

I’d shot only a few frames of the Fujicolor 200. Not wanting to waste the film, I removed it from the F2AS and spooled it into my delightful little Pentax IQZoom 170SL point-and-shoot.

I met my son in Indianapolis’s Fountain Square neighborhood for a cheeseburger in September. It wasn’t so chilly yet that we couldn’t sit outside. After our meal, we strolled around the neighborhood a bit. We came upon this hardware store which was ripe for a photograph.

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2 responses to “single frame: Copies & Fax”

  1. marcusterrypeddle Avatar

    Is it a hard neighbourhood? The wire fencing looks quite serious.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The neighborhood is becoming gentrified, but go back 15-20 years and it wasn’t the safest of places.

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