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💻 Our fear of doing work that isn’t very interesting, useful, or even good frequently blocks us from trying new things. I face that as I prepare to publish my first book of my original writing. But I’m pressing on, despite that fear. Paul Graham encourages us all to, if we have something we want to make that we’ve not done before. Read Early Work

Corn ready for harvest
Canon PowerShot S95, 2020

💻 I share a post by Rush Limbaugh with some trepidation because he’s a polarizing figure and some of you surely can’t stand him. I enjoyed his radio show in the ’90s, but since then I’ve fallen out of his audience as I’ve moved to the center politically (or maybe the right has moved so, so, so far to the right), and as Rush has become more strident and less entertaining on his program. But the fellow has stage 4 lung cancer. He spoke about it on his show this week, and reading the transcript, he shows some remarkable personal insight. I found it interesting. Note: If you’re poised to leave a poison comment about Rush, don’t bother because I’ll just delete it. Read An Update on My Health: It’s a Roller Coaster

📷 Kenneth Wajda considers how we used to make photographs to preserve memories, but now we do it to show what we are doing now. It has implications on the kinds of photographs we make. Read When the Audience Changes and We Have to Show Proof

📷 Winter is coming. This can be challenging for film photographers, as our old gear doesn’t always play well with the cold, and our fair-weather films are sometimes too slow for winter’s gray days. Alex Luyckx has some solid tips on how to keep shooting film when the temperature dips. Read The Cold Weather Challenge: Photography, Winter, and You

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13 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Greg Clawson says:

    I really liked the cold weather challenge. Winters are especially challenging for film photography here in western Indiana, there were some good tips.

  2. I always enjoy your recommendations. And while I don’t agree with Mr. Limbaugh, I’m terribly sorry that he’s sick and struggling. That’s just terrible.

    Oh, and I think you’re correct- the right keeps moving further to the right, leaving some of us in the middle without moving at all.

    Happy Saturday!!

  3. Kurt Ingham says:

    I’ve never been a big Rush fan, but thanks for the article! My 1B is less immediately threatening than his 4, but it still hit home

  4. Nancy Stewart says:

    Thank you Jim for the post about Rush. I used to listen to him every day many years ago … thought him pretty entertaining. Haven’t listened for a long time, but I was aware of his cancer diagnosis and I do wish him well. Isn’t it strange how people differ in the way they view things … I think both parties have gone too far either direction. If only they could come together in the middle to at least try and agree on something !!! But you say that you think the Republicans have gone too far right … and to me the Democrats are certainly not the party that my parents voted for. They have both changed and not for the good. I will be holding my nose when I go to vote this year !!! Again, thanks for the post.

    • You’re welcome, Nancy! I miss the Rush Limbaugh Show of the 90s when it was a lot of fun. I agree, our two parties have swung wide right/left respectively, leaving those of us closer to the middle unsure how to vote. I suspect most of us are closer to the middle.

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