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Autumn scenes on expired Kodak Gold 400


After testing the new light seals in my Nikon F3 recently I wanted to keep going with this satisfying camera. I loaded my last roll of Kodak Gold 400, expired since January of 2008. My previous roll of this film looked very good shot at box speed, so I shot it that way this time too. The results showed greater color shifts and noise than last time, but a little quick Photoshoppery made these images look much better.


I mounted my 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 Zoom Nikkor lens to the F3 for this outing. Despite its noticeable barrel distortion at the wide end, I really like this lens. It’s small and light, and its zoom range gives me good flexibility.


We met our granddaughter and her mom in downtown Zionsville, where there were gourds and pumpkins for sale. Here are three of Margaret’s kids, our “granddog” Obie, our granddaughter, and her mom.

With Grandma

We see our granddaughter most Sundays now, and it’s been lovely. When the weather’s nice enough we meet in town or in a park.

Book blind date

The used bookstore was open this day, running a clever promotion where they wrapped books in kraft paper, wrote what the book was about on the front, and sold them as book blind dates.


I finished the roll around the house. As the weather has grown chillier I’ve gone out less, but I’ve still wanted to make photographs. That means looking for new subjects, or new angles on old subjects, at home.

Purple crock

The 35-70 focuses from about 13 inches. I enjoy zooming this lens to 70mm and moving in close.

Heating the coals

Our last gas grill gave up the ghost last season after just three years of service. That’s the way of $250 gas grills. I didn’t want to blow another $250 that way so I bought a little Weber charcoal grill instead. It’s more hassle to grill on charcoal but the flavor is better. Anyway, I’m pleased that I was able to capture this fire so well.

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15 thoughts on “Autumn scenes on expired Kodak Gold 400

  1. Andy Umbo says:

    I’ve always found color negative to get less saturated and more pastel the faster the speed; and here, the “outdatedness” adds to that, which is interesting with the fall colors!

  2. These are extraordinary, Jim. I especially love the next to last picture – is that a piece of pottery? Fall light can be so much fun to work with and you have really captured the feeling of fall here.

  3. You should post one example of a photo with and without the photoshop adjustment. That’s some nice, subtle colour there; not at all like Kodak’s traditional warm and saturated consumer tones.

    • I had a couple weird moments with it on my previous roll. Actually, that’s a reason I shot this roll, to see if the wonkiness continued. It didn’t, thank heavens.

      However, the meter on my F2AS has definitely gone wonky. I’ll have to send it in to be recalibrated. Fortunately, my F2A just came back from Sover!

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