Recommended reading

💻 M. B. Henry tells the fascinating story of Devil’s Den, a portion of the Gettysburg battlefield that saw an unusual amount of carnage — and, as the years passed, became known for being resistant to being photographed. Read A Ghost at Gettysburg: No Photographs Please

Pentax ME, 50mm f/1.7 SMC Pentax-M, Kodak Panatomic-X (expired), LegacyPro L110 Dilution B (1+31), 2020

💻 Photographer Gerald Exupery writes another terrific personal essay, this time about someone he should have realized was more special while he knew her. Read When You Pray, Be Specific

💻 Ashley Pomeroy reviews Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Yes, that venerable and long-lived product just got an update. Read Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

📷 The Chinon Bellami is a tiny 35mm point-and-shoot camera with “barn doors” that open when you extend the lens. Dmitri reviews it. Read Chinon Bellami: A Tiny 35mm “Barn Door” Point and Shoot

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