Film photography podcasts you should listen to

A podcast about film photography is an oxymoron of sorts. You can’t show anything about what is, to its core, a visual medium! Yet listening to people talk about gear, films, and the creative process can give you excellent ideas for your own work.

Michael on the air
My old friend Michael doing the thing that came before podcasting: radio.

In a companion of sorts to my big annual list of film photography blogs, here’s a list of podcasts by film photographers.

These podcasts are active: they release episodes regularly and have released episodes recently. They also meet my subjective standards for interest and production quality.

I’m linking to these podcasts’ Web site when they have one. If they don’t, I’m linking to their page at Apple Podcasts. If that doesn’t work for you, search for these podcasts on the whatever service you use.

What made me create this list is finding out about a new podcast about the creative side of photography by Daniel Sigg, who shoots primarily film. It debuted yesterday! Have a listen here.

Here now, the podcasts:

  • All Through a Lens: An irreverent bi-weekly podcast about the ups and downs of film photography, by Vania and Eric.
  • Analog Talk: Christine Bartolucci and Timothy Ditzler talk about film photography. Each week they bring on a special guest co-host and discuss their love of analog photography.
  • Classic Camera Revival: Alex Luyckx looks at cameras, lenses, films, and development, and offers tips, tricks, and techniques for all things related to film photography.
  • Classic Lenses Podcast: Photography with classic manual-focus lenses, by Simon Forster, Perry Ge, and Johnny Sisson.
  • Create. Photography.: All about the creative side of photography, from Daniel Sigg, who shoots primarily film.
  • Daily Photography Blog: Kenneth Wajda, a professional photographer, shares his thoughts on all things photography, street photography, personal projects, commercial work, and more. 
  • Embrace the Grain: Sherry Christensen chats mainly about analog photography, with hints of digital photography included. Located in Alberta, Canada she talks about the challenges of shooting in a rural area and the special challenges involved.
  • Film Photography Podcast: The Granddaddy of them all. Michael Raso, Matt Marrash, Leslie Lazenby, and several regular contributors talk film photography. Since 2009!
  • The Lensless Podcast: All about pinhole photograph — artists, camera makers, gear discussions, techniques, and ideas.
  • Matt Loves Cameras: An Australian film photography podcast featuring film camera reviews, instant camera reviews, and everything analogue photography related.
  • The Negative Positives Podcast: A podcast mostly about film photography. Hosted by Mike Gutterman, Andre Domingues, and Roxanna Angles.
  • The Soot and Whitewash Film Photography Podcast: Neil Piper and Alex Purcell discuss their thoughts about anything analogue and film photography related.
  • Sunny 16 Podcast: The Sunny 16 Podcast is a UK based show hosted by Ade, Rachel and Graeme which explores the world of analogue photography in all its forms.

Do you know any podcasts that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments!

Before you ask: I’m not starting my own podcast. Despite my background as a radio disk jockey, I prefer to write and I adore blogging. If that makes me dinosaur, so be it!

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15 responses to “Film photography podcasts you should listen to”

  1. J P Avatar

    I would have never guessed that there are so many. But then podcasting seems to be the new blogging.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It does. I’ve considered starting one but … man, I like writing so much.

  2. Michael Avatar

    We were such trendsetters! I haven’t had any interest in listening to podcasts unless you include video blogging, but they sure seem to resonate with millennials.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I listen to a few podcasts intermittently, when I’m driving or working in the yard. But I’m much more a reader than a listener.

  3. Lee Webb Avatar

    I do quite enjoy (somehow) the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast but it is really just Hamish and Em moaning about the world in general and also far too sporadic to make your list. :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      EM gave me some good-natured flak for not including it on the list!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I added your podcast to the list! I like the short, everyday format.

      I’m kind of a reverse-Leica snob, i.e., I think they’re overhyped. Your piece on the IIIf almost makes me want one. Well done!

      1. kennethwajda Avatar

        Thanks, Jim. I’ve read your blog for years, too. Thanks for taking a listen.

  4. Erik Avatar

    Great job with the film photog podcast list. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You’re welcome!

  5. Andy Walmsley Avatar

    Hey Jim,nice list,all my favourites on their podcast is about everyone in the Photography industry,as everyone plays a role. However as a film shooter and blogger,I’m biased to film Photographers on my show. From launching to the moon,to underwater and crazy inventors. “Photography insights”

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks for the link! (To other readers: click his name at the top of the comment.)

  6. JM Avatar

    The Film Photography Project Podcast is my favorite podcast but over the last couple years there have been fewer and fewer podcasts and when there is a new podcast they are are much shorter than before. If it is winding down it would be sorely missed.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ve wondered if the Film Photography Store is taking up the time they used to devote to the podcast.

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