Autumn begins

Autumn begins
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On what was probably one of the last warm afternoons of the year, I rode my bike on my usual Indiana cornfield route.

County Road 700 recently got a fresh layer of asphalt. The farmer along this stretch of road has begun to mow down his cornstalks, which have turned brown with age. Over the road, that one branch has started to turn red and orange.

Folks, this is about as Indiana as it gets this time of year!

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single frame: Autumn begins

Autumn is breaking out in Indiana, and here’s photographic proof!


24 thoughts on “single frame: Autumn begins

  1. Roger Meade says:

    A great shot Jim. It brought back fond memories.

    Many years ago I lived in Shiawassee Co, in central lower peninsula Michigan. That was flat farm country. I was working an afternoon job in Flint, so on nice mornings I would ride my bike westward from our small town until the wind in my face got too strong, then turn back for home. The roads were pretty much typical midwestern every mile grid roads, either gravel or asphalt. I would typically clock about 20+ miles most days, unless the wind picked up early. I soon learned which farms had free roaming dogs guarding the property! I never did carry a camera though.

    • Wow, 20 mile days! Sounds wonderful. If I get right onto the bike when I have time during a workday I can get in 8 easy, 10 if I push.

      I have a little bag hanging on the seat springs that holds a compact camera well. Other times I sling an SLR over my shoulder and go. This day I just fished the iPhone out of my pocket!

  2. Dan Cluley says:

    I always like tree-tunnel shots, and it occurs to me that it is another way to get the same kind of lighting contrast as the storm picture you posted a few weeks ago.

  3. SilverFox says:

    Nice picture Jim, reminds me that in other states there is a real change with the seasons… typing this in around 80 degrees at 8 o’clock in the evening

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