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💻 When a rock band stops innovating its sound, says John Scalzi, they’re doing Dad Rock. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, he says. Read In Which I Both Decry, and Defend, the Concept of Dad Rock

Canon PowerShot S95, 2014

💻 My friend Kurt Garner lives on a northern Indiana property first farmed in 1865. He recently found the bowl to a pipe that dates to that time. Read Per chance, what turns up on the farm

💻 Jennifer Bowman wrote a wonderful story about the recent last days of an old friend. Read To let it go

💻 Indiana’s state highway system has roots in the early 1800s. Richard M. Simpson talks about the early state road system, and the Michigan Road’s place in it. Read Early State Roads

📷 Dennis Mook goes on a good rant: increasingly, new digital cameras are crammed with video features that make them harder to use for still photography — and more expensive than they would be without those features. Read As A Photographer, I Feel Like A Second Class Citizen

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13 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Olli Thomson says:

    I think Dennis Mook is right about this. I used to think it didn’t matter much – if you don’t need it don’t use it – but I think he’s on to something suggesting that the emphasis on video is now in danger of compromising cameras for stills use. I guess if you have money to burn there’s always a Leica M.

    • That’s why I shared it today. I think it’s true and I haven’t seen this perspective written elsewhere.

      Our “best” camera is my wife’s Nikon D3100. I hope it lasts a long, long time so we don’t have to deal with this.

  2. Each week I normally just click on the links, so I don’t think I’ve ever said how much I look forward to your Recommend Reading posts! There are people I’ve been following for years who I found out about from you.

    Bonus: During lockdown when each day was the same, it helped me know when the weekend started…

      • Hey, you post like clockwork, and every day when I get the email I know it’s 10 AM and time to switch on the radio news. There’s a few weeks each year when the time difference narrows by an hour, and it’s very disorientating!

        • My posts go live at 5 am local time 6 days a week! Except when I goof up setting the time on a post, when it goes live whenever it goes live. I wonder how many lives worldwide that screws up.

  3. Jennifer’s story is just heart wrenching and Dennis is spot on. I think my camera has digital capabilities but I have no clue how it works because I’m a still photographer. No need for an expensive hybrid here.

    • My everyday digital camera takes 1080p video and I use that function once in a while. It’s never in the way when I want to take stills. I will avoid buying any camera that is video first, still second.

        • I will just keep using my Canon S95 until it breaks. I own a DSLR, an older Pentax, but it gets 10% of the use of the Canon. I just like these high-end point-and-shoots and will probably replace the S95 with one when the time comes. I think those should allow me to avoid the encroaching video stuff.

        • I have a Canon Rebel that was always ok but has suddenly developed a problem focusing. At first I blamed user error but that doesn’t seem to be the case. My first DSLR was an Olympus e-volt that I ran into the ground and I loved it so I may switch back to Olympus.

  4. tbm3fan says:

    I haven’t read a review of music since 1973 in a Rolling Stone newspaper. The one here reminded me why I don’t bother with them, The one in 1973 lamented on how they felt a band had sold out on their latest album. Can’t remember the band but know I did like the album. OTOH they liked Greatful Dead who I can’t stand. Music critics rank right up there with wine critics. Is there a school they go to? Do they have a degree? As far as I am concerned either you like it or you don’t. It really is that simple.

    The story on the dog reminded me of our German Shepherd Madchen. When her rear legs could no longer keep her up it was time at 15 years. It took three tries to bring her to the vet. My father failed so it took my mother two attempts. In the end she left us and it was traumatic. So much so that I have not allowed myself to have another dog. That was back in 1981.

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