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💻 Mr. Money Mustache writes a lot about freedom. It looks like he writes about financial freedom, but really he writes about building a life that’s meaningful and low in stress. That seems like the best kind of freedom. In this article, he talks about “the sweet spot” — when you’ve reached the point of enough. Recognizing the sweet spot and stopping there is the key to that kind of freedom. Read The Sweet Spot

Nikon F2
Canon PowerShot S95, 2013

💻 Peter Barton shows some excellent black-and-white photos from inside an abandoned WW II hospital in the British village of Nocton. Read Urbex at Nocton Hospital

📷 Alan D reviews and recommends some relatively inexpensive ways to equip your Nikon SLR body with a 50mm prime. Read A Budget Threesome — Getting A Cheap Prime 50mm For Your Nikon

📷 Speaking of Nikon SLRs, Alex Luyckx reviews the Nikkormat FTn. Read Camera Review Blog No. 122 – Nikon Nikkormat FTn

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8 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Peter Barton’s images of that abandoned hospital are breathtaking. That Mr Money Mustache article spoke to me as well. Since going back to the office I have been actively working on creating a life that doesn’t cause me to groan in the mornings and that I don’t need a vacation from.

    As always, thank you for the great recommendations!

  2. Peter Paar says:

    Sorry! That will teach me not to read my Email until I am fully awake. I read it as a picture of a Canon Powershot rather than a picture taken with one.

  3. tbm3fan says:

    Abandoned places are always great for photos. Saw similar when I left the tour guide on Corregidor to explore the old buildings that were falling apart. No doubt a bit dangerous and that was in 1995 which was 50 years after we got it back. Ships are abandoned also in Reserve Fleets which I was able to board being with the USS Hornet. However we had one person along who did photography as a profession. Look at her shots as she tagged alone with us.

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