Me on abandoned US 50 in Illinois

As I’ve been moving my road-trip reports from my old site to this blog, I’ve looked back through my photographs.

Sometimes I brought a friend along on these trips. I loved sharing my odd hobby with others! When I explored US 50 in Illinois in 2009, I invited my longtime friend Michael along. He lives in Terre Haute, which was on the way.

Michael made a couple photos of me as we explored the road, shots with lots of context. They help me remember that very good day and my time with my friend.

I frequently brought my dear, departed Gracie along on road trips. She loved to go! We’re standing on the original alignment of US 50 where it enters Illinois after crossing the Wabash River from Indiana. The property owner was using part of the brick road as a patio for his home!

Here I am on an abandoned bridge, one of three in a row on a long abandoned section of US 50 that runs right alongside current US 50. I’m using my Kodak EasyShare Z730 to photograph the current US 50 bridge.

I started making road trips both to scratch a curiosity itch and to distract myself from the pain of my divorce and ongoing difficulties raising children with an acrimonious ex. These trips were a tonic. They were always better when I shared them.

My road tripping started to fall off about five years ago. I’d met Margaret, the woman I’d marry. I focused my time on her and on getting my old house ready for sale. It needed a lot of work inside and out. And then Margaret and I married, and I moved into her house, and we’ve had one incredible challenge after another in our family since then. Last year, for the first time, I made no road trips at all. Given COVID-19 and family priorities, I’m not sure I’ll make any road trips this year, either.

There are still roads I want to explore! I’ve long wanted to drive the many old alignments of State Road 67 between Indianapolis and Vincennes. I want to drive the National Road in eastern Ohio again — so many great old alignments with original brick and concrete pavement! I’d like to drive the Lincoln Highway across northern Indiana. And I want to search for old and abandoned alignments, especially with original pavement, anywhere they are to be found in Indiana.

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7 responses to “Me on abandoned US 50 in Illinois”

  1. brandib1977 Avatar

    There’s no time like the present to take a little trip. Now you have your lovely wife to keep you company! :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      We shall see! Life is … crazy. Hard to get away.

      1. brandib1977 Avatar

        I know but maybe that’s all the more reason to make a date with your wife to spend a Sunday afternoon taking a drive. Pack a picnic and make it fun.

  2. Ward Fogelsanger Avatar
    Ward Fogelsanger

    Perhaps you could join me looking for an old stone bridge on the old old alignment of the National road between Martinsville and Marshall next time I’m in Illinois. Last time I was there my wife chickened out cause she was afraid we were trespassing and then my brother informed me he gets poison ivy before we headed into the woods…I think they both think I’m crazy…I did purloin a brick from the old road…lock me up.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It’d be great to see it one day. And if there’s poison ivy, we’ll wear long pants and boots!

  3. Michael Avatar

    I’m certainly not as attractive as Margaret, but I’d be up for a road trip again when you get the itch. ;)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Once the coronacloud lifts, we’ll have to look for an opportunity!

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