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📷 Olli Thomson visited the American cemetery in Manila and made some truly stunning images, perfectly composed and exposed. He tells the brutal story of Manila’s liberation in World War II. A must read, must see. Read Manila American Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery
Canon PowerShot S95, 2018

💻 Remember conflict-driven TV shows like Jerry Springer and Montel Williams? Om Malik believes social media platforms are becoming just like these shows — except we are providing the programming. Read Conflict Culture is making social Unsocial

💻 When I last spoke with my son about it a month ago, he intended to go back to university in the fall, despite the coronavirus. He’ll be a senior, and he wants it all over with already. John Scalzi asked his college-age daughter about it, and she decided to opt out at least for the first semester. I wonder how many others will, too, and what that will do to the finances of American colleges and universities. Read Back to College? Not Yet

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11 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. tbm3fan says:

    I went walking around the American Cemetery back in 1994 while on one of my many, many visits to the Philippines. I went to Leyte where my father landed To Tacloban where he spent a little time. Of course, Manila where he was and up into Pampanga where the Army was still fighting when the war ended. There is another American Cemetery inside the former Clark Air Force Base in Angeles City. The pictured cemetery is very peaceful and quite given the massive and noisy Manila.

    Pampanga is where the Bataan Death March ended at a railhead there for transport by train. Since I was visiting someone in Pampanga I started at Corregidor wandered the ruins when I ducked the guide, then went over to the Bataan peninsula, then along the route to Pampanga. Many go to Normandy but extremely few to these horrific sites. Remember the street battle for Manila equaled that for Stalingrad and Berlin.

    • Wow, you have some real connection to this place. I’m extra pleased to have shared the post today then. It looks like an impeccably kept and arranged cemetery.

    • DougD says:

      That’s cool, my great uncle had a story about bringing dancing girls to a USO show at Tacloban aboard CVL-29 Bataan.

      My son is going back to university and residence in the fall. They are only putting 1 kid in each dorm room so that’ll reduce the risk. Ontario has only 120 cases per day so hopefully we can keep the lid on that.

  2. My son is going back to school in August for his 4th year. My daughter is taking a gap year and hopes to begin her first semester come Fall 2021.

    • We have one on a gap year this year; not sure whether it makes sense for him to return. Our other son is about to be a senior and he’s eager to just have it over with.

  3. tbm3fan says:

    One item to note. Gen. Yamashita was Army and the Japanese Army was not present during the Battle of Manila. He was ordered out and to leave it an open city like MacArthur did. He took his Army north into the mountains above Pampanga. However, the Japanese Naval Marines ignored the order and stayed to fight and it is those Marines that are responsible for what happened to Manila. It was once the Jewel of the Pacific but no more. Just haphazard growth outward with almost 13 million people who keep pouring in from poor provinces. I go because my wife was born and raised very poor in the province of Rizal east of Manila.

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