If you, like me, aren’t going to any fireworks displays this year because you think it will be impossible to keep enough distance from others, then please enjoy these fireworks I photographed several years ago! Click the arrows to cycle through the show.


Independence Day fireworks

A 4th of July fireworks display for you!


13 thoughts on “Independence Day fireworks

  1. Greg Clawson says:

    Thanks Jim! this is the closest we will get to fireworks here in the Lafayette/West Lafayette this year.

    • Whitestown, which borders the town I live in, shot theirs off last night. We walked around the corner and could see them clear as day!

  2. tbm3fan says:

    I don’t know how you would. Here, in the Bay Area, all shows have been canceled. The massive one conducted on the water just off Fort Mason typically would draw 500,000 down to the Marina Greens and other adjacent areas. I am also going to assume that possibly Fleet Week will be canceled, along with the Blue Angels, the first week of October that draws in excess of 1 million people to the Bay edge. Just assuming…

  3. My neighbors set off fireworks last night. I could see them from the house but was too busy comforting my little cat who is terrified of loud noises. 💥

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