Your table awaits

Your table awaits
Pentax Spotmatic F
55mm f/1.8 SMC Takumar
Ferrania P30 Alpha
Rodinal 1+50


The last two years for my birthday I had everyone in the family who could make it meet at Muldoon’s, an Irish pub in Carmel. The first year it was nice enough outside to sit here, on the patio. They make outstanding nachos. I know, nachos at an Irish pub. They call it Irish pizza. It’s loaded with crumbled sausage — unique and delicious. The cheese is top quality. It’s a giant calorie bomb but it’s soooo goooood.

Who knows where we’ll be in the coronapocalypse on my birthday this year, but I’m not feeling great about returning to Muldoon’s for a third year. I haven’t figured out yet what my birthday celebration will look like, or whether I’ll be able to see any of our children that don’t live with us.

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6 responses to “single frame: Your table awaits”

  1. Gerald Greenwood Avatar

    Looking at this full size, that P30 has come out remarkably grain-free for Rodinal.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It’s such a smooth film that even Rodinal can’t find grain in it!

  2. Stuart Templeton Avatar

    A lovely shot jim!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thank you!

  3. Lone Primate Avatar

    Never heard of Irish pizza before… sometime back in the 2000s here Toronto I was introduced to “Irish nachos”, which is just the same as the Mexican variety in terms of toppings, but is served on waffle fries instead of corn chips. Pretty soon it was at half the pubs in town. Yes, a calorie bomb indeed… I’m still dealing with the anti-famine this Irish potato plague visited upon me. :)

    More to the point, though, that’s a really sharp capture. If you’d told me it had been taken somewhere along the Left Bank of the Seine in the 1950s, I’d have completely believed it. …Well, except there aren’t nearly enough ashtrays.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      We are definitely in the post-ashtray era!

      Irish pizza is probably just the name this pub made up for its nachos! But the sausage — oh my gosh, it’s a revelation. I’ve made nachos that way here at home, too. So good.

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