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Whitestown UMC
Olympus OM-1, 50mm f/.8 F.Zuiko, Adox HR-50, Adox HR-DEV 1:49, 2020

💻 Pete Saunders grew up black in Detroit. He tells his family’s story — despite having done economically well for generations, overt and covert segregation led to neighborhoods that didn’t flourish and in some cases decayed. Their homes didn’t appreciate in line with inflation, which limited their economic power. Read Repost: A Personal Segregation Story

📷 I may never fully forgive Kodak for its 620 film boondoggle after they stopped making the film in the 90s. Old 620 cameras are still plentiful, though, and Leslie Lazenby gives you some very good tips for making the most of one. Read Vintage 620 Film Cameras – An Overview

📷 Olli Thomson shares a compositional technique he developed after studying Dutch and Flemish paintings. Read The Rule of Fifths

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10 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Olli Thomson Avatar
    Olli Thomson

    Thanks for the mention.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      My pleasure.

  2. brandib1977 Avatar

    As always, you give us great variety! I love this line from the end of Olli Thomson’s piece. “Sometimes if your pictures aren’t good enough you need to step back, widen your perspective, open your images up, let them breathe.”

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It is a great line!

    2. Olli Thomson Avatar
      Olli Thomson

      Thank you BrandiB. Glad you liked it.

      1. brandib1977 Avatar

        You’re welcome. I enjoyed that line and your overall perspective. :)

  3. analogphotobug Avatar

    Last Christmas, My Mother gave me her 620 Art Deco Kodak that she used as a teenager. I am finding film for it. But I look forward to any suggestions your “recommended read” can make.

  4. tbm3fan Avatar

    I liked the article by Ollie. Besides stepping back I also got the feeling to get low in a way.

    1. Olli Thomson Avatar
      Olli Thomson

      Thanks. Glad you liked it.

    2. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yes, it looks that way to me, too. Or stand back far enough!

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