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💻 Stephen Dowling shares the photographs of Giacomo Mantovani, who made stunning black-and-white images of London, deserted during COVID-19 lockdown. Read The eerily empty London streets captured as coronavirus hit

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55, 2020

💻 Om Malik on how Dropbox has lost its way. I just wish they had a less expensive paid tier for casual users like me who want a little more than the free tier, but don’t need everything in the (shockingly expensive) base $120/year plan. Read Dropbox is a total mess

💻 My inner geek loves to know the backstories of technologies we take for granted. Tom Halter obliges me greatly by telling the origin story of automatic climate control in cars. Read Cold Comfort: The History of Automatic Climate Control

📷 It turns out you can process regular black-and-white negative film as positive film — slides. Fred Baboulaz did just that with a roll of Fomapan 200 and got some great results. Read Fomapan 200 for my first Black and White slides

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