single frame: Hinkle’s Hamburgers

Hinkle Hamburgers

Hinkle’s Hamburgers
Canon PowerShot S80

There’s a lot to like about Madison, a small Indiana city on the Ohio River and at the beginning of the historic Michigan Road. One of those things is Hinkle’s. They make a mean hamburger — grilled crispy on the edges, with pickle and grilled onions on a soft bun.

As you can see, this sign is a little weatherworn. Fortunately, it’s been restored since I made this photograph. But in the process it changed color. When you visit Madison, look for the dark green Hinkle’s sign! It’s right on Main Street.

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2 responses to “single frame: Hinkle’s Hamburgers”

  1. Rick Pearson Jr. Avatar
    Rick Pearson Jr.

    I remember several years ago I was working in Seymour Indiana but I’ll live downtown on 1st Street in Madison and I would have to stop at least two to three times a week and grab me some Hinkle burgers and famous hash browns to take with me

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Wow, you had quite a commute to Seymour! But maybe Hinkle’s made it worth it?

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