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Talking camera collecting with Henry

A budding young camera collector named Henry bought a Polaroid J66 and, as he researched it, found my post on this camera. He’s working with an organization called Happen, Inc., a nonprofit arts organization that works with kids on creative projects. They reached out to me on this fellow’s behalf and arranged a video interview between us about collecting old film cameras, which went live today. I thought you might enjoy seeing it!


25 thoughts on “Talking camera collecting with Henry

  1. tbm3fan says:

    Old mechanical SLRs your favorite, huh? So how does that jive with your love of the Pentax ME? Sorry, couldn’t resist the opening. It is a weakness I have that friends have learned about as in don’t leave him an opening.

  2. Fabulous! I posted to my Twitter and Facebook. We need to encourage and support young people. And it was a great interview, especially for a beginner?

    Also enjoyed recently finding out about your Box Camera Collection.

  3. -N- says:

    Total fun! Both of you were really interesting – a kid, an adult, both with similar interests. Thanks for sharing!

      • -N- says:

        I think it was a fun video and the two of you worked well together. I got into photography later in life after using a friend’s D70 for a year. Once I got that figured out – iso, aperture, f/stop – along with composition, I moved into film, and have enjoyed both since. And have bought a few too many cameras along the way, as well.

  4. I enjoyed this a great deal. Good on Henry to interview an expert with such pertinent and digestible insight, and good on Happen, Inc. to enable this piece to be put together. Of course, good on you for offering such meaningful responses. Good on all parties, all around.

    This is an organization I’d love to partner with. I’ll wait for someone interested in courthouses or showbiz pizza robots to get in touch! Haha!

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