The surprising benefits of working from home

Schwinn Collegiate

I realize I’m fortunate that COVID-19 hasn’t affected my or my wife’s employment. I’ve written about my challenges adapting to the changes lockdown and reopening have brought, but at no time have I missed a mortgage payment or chosen buying groceries over paying the electric bill. I merely had to adapt to the changes and forge a new normal.

I’m still working from home. My company has announced that we’ll keep it up through at least Labor Day. Word on the street is that it’s unlikely we’ll return before 2021.

Fortunately, there are some real benefits to working at home. Now that spring is truly here I often go for bike rides on my lunch hour! I have always loved to ride my bike. For years and years I’ve struggled to make time for it. It’s easy to get a ride in when the bike is 20 feet away in the garage and I have an hour to myself!

I use my lunch hour in other ways, too. On rainy days, I develop the film I’ve shot lately. The other day I ran over to Meijer to buy a few staples we ran out of. These are things I used to drag myself through while tired at the end of a workday, or put off until the weekend.

I’m also sometimes able to start dinner for the family during a gap in my work schedule. Before, making dinner after my wife and I both come home meant we frequently didn’t eat until far later than any of us like. Or we were both too tired to cook and spent a ton of money going out. But working from home I can often arrange my afternoon to prepare a roast or a stew or a soup that can cook while I work the rest of the afternoon. We eat earlier and have the rest of the evening to do other things.

Also, not commuting is giving me a full hour back each day. I’ve mostly used the time to write more in my blog — posts like this one!

My evenings and weekends are more open now, because I work from home. It is going to be hard to give that up when we are eventually called back to the office.


6 responses to “The surprising benefits of working from home”

  1. analogphotobug Avatar

    I’ve appreciated getting back that ‘commuting hour’ also.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I really miss being Downtown — I love it. And I even miss some aspects of my drive time. I listen to NPR or music, it’s alone time, etc. But I do like having the hour back every day!

  2. Khürt Williams Avatar

    Good stuff. No bicycle riding for me yet. I’ve developed a fear of being away from home.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Ooh, that’s a challenge. I hope you’ll push yourself a little.

  3. DougD Avatar

    Hmm, good idea. My bike is still in the basement. I’m really enjoying the 1.5 hours I get back every day.

    Is that really your bike?

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It is. 1986 Schwinn Collegiate 3 speed. Bought it for 60 bucks about 10 years ago.

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