Terre Haute

Abe Malooley’s Saratoga
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The Saratoga was already a local institution when I lived in Terre Haute in the 1980s and 1990s. It is still going strong today. I like to stop for a meal whenever I’m in town. I’m usually greeted by Shelly, a longtime waitress and someone I knew when I lived in Terre Haute.

I sort of miss Terre Haute. I liked living there. Unfortunately, there was only one company in town that needed people who did what I do, and when that company folded I had little choice but to move on.

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single frame: Abe Malooley’s Saratoga

The lit neon sign of the Saratoga restaurant in Terre Haute.


15 thoughts on “single frame: Abe Malooley’s Saratoga

    • Nope. And Abe wasn’t the original owner, his brother or his father or something was, and his three-letter name (which I forget) used to be in the neon here. That’s why there’s a metal plate with Abe’s name on it.

      The current owner is a man named George Azar.

  1. three letter name….. 30-40 years ago, it seemed like when travelling the small towns of the midwest one would often find some downtown place with small windows, and a three letter name, “EAT”, in red neon over the door. Generally a pretty good mushroom burger and a cheap beer could be had for $1.79. I think those places are mostly gone, last I travelled through.

  2. Jim Hanes says:

    I moved to Terre Haute At age 9, went to Wiley, then South Vigo HS and ISU before moving to Florida. When I took my wife to meet my Extended family a few years ago, we made a point of going to the Saratoga for lunch. Exactly as I remember it, but now sitting alone. So many buildings in the formerly bustling downtown have been demolished that is is much less than the bustling downtown I remember from the ’60s and ’70s.

    • I moved to TH in 1985 and downtown was already pretty much nothing. I’ve seen photos of it from years gone by and wish I could have experienced it.

      • Ward Fogelsanger says:

        Having grown up in Casey I remember the stores were open Monday and Thursday nights. Would park in the Roots parking lot. Shopped there,Meis,Shultz had all our Boy Scout stuff. Sometimes ate at the Hotel Deming or the Goody Shop but favorite place was Chi Chi’s ( Horseshoe club?)right across from St Mary of the Woods. Best veal and mosticiolli in the world.

        • I think the Goody Shop was still operating when I lived in TH, but I never went. I should have! The Horseshoe Club by St. Mary’s was operating too, don’t know if it still is.

  3. By Reyher Signs. Made by my father, William B. Reyher (the neon), and my grandfather, Frank Reyher, the hand lettering. Thank you for sharing — Kehrt Reyher

    • I moved from TH to Indianapolis, which has 10 times as many people and is far larger in terms of land mass. It’s also more expensive to live in Indy. I went from a nice small city to the largest city in Indiana.

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