Recommended reading

💻 The colors were bolder than life. J.P. Cavanaugh tells the history and explains the technology behind Technicolor, the first viable color motion picture film process. Read Technicolor: The Most Colorful Black & White Movies Ever

Pumpkins for Sale
Agfa Clack, Fujfilm Neopan 100 Acros, 2012.

💻 Alister Scott recently gave his longstanding blog (about software testing) a major upgrade, which included going off to self-hosted WordPress. I was at a similar crossroads earlier this year and chose Business Plan, so I was especially interested to hear Alister’s reasoning. Read Why self hosted?

💻 Scott Galloway makes a compelling argument that post-COVID 19, non-elite expensive colleges and universities will have a reckoning, and most won’t survive. Read Post Corona: Higher Ed, Part Deux

📷 This Kodak Instamatic is a proper camera, with full manual control, a coupled light meter, and a fine Schneider-Kreuznach lens! Neil Piper reviews it. Read The Kodak Instamatic 500 / Type 048

📷 Mark O’Brien takes his Agfa Clack out for some exercise. This little box can do some great work, and Mark got some lovely images this time out. Read The Agfa Clack – a 6×9 gem

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7 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. tbm3fan says:

    Galloway is succinct where he say “this is bullshit.” I’ve said the same about the UC system. I spent 10 years in the California State system and the UC system and he is correct about which is the better value.

  2. Olli Thomson says:

    Your blog is looking well. I’m partial to nice clean, simple design. I went for a simpler look recently on mine, abandoned the paid for theme I was using for a free theme and switched to blog only since I don’t think anyone ever looked at the galleries. I also dumped all but the necesaey plugins. Self hosting sounds like an interesting idea but I assume it would require a significant investment to make it work effectively.

    • Thank you! Unfortunately the theme I’m using is no longer maintained by its author. It doesn’t take advantage of the latest developments in WordPress, and I fear that over time it may lose compatibility with WordPress. Already I’m encountering bugs and the folks at are sympathetic but clear that these bugs are unlikely ever to be addressed. So I will need to find a new theme. I hope to make time for it in 2020. I wish I had the skills to just clone this theme and be the new developer of it, as I really like this theme.

      I went to your blog and scrolled to the bottom to see if I could find out more about the theme you’re using. The theme author is well known in the theme community; he wrote’s Twenty Twenty theme, which I now use on my software blog at I should see if one of his other themes would work well here.

      • Olli Thomson says:

        Yes. I came across him via the Twenty Twenty theme I think because I started with Twenty Twenty. He has some very nice free themes and he seems to be quite helpful on the support forum in responding to questions and offering bits and pieces of CSS to fine tune things.

  3. I know little about web page design. That is why I went to a simple solution like Word Press. I just switched over to the block editor and I suppose I will be comfortable in a few weeks. I know there are different versions of WordPress and went to a meetup once but the WordPress they were using involved them designing and manipulating the fine details which they enjoyed.

    • I sometimes wish I’d kept my web development skills up. But I didn’t. I can sling a little CSS but that’s about it. So I stick with WordPress and do minor customizations to my template to tweak the look.

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