Moon-Lite Motel

Moon-Lite Motel
Canon PowerShot S80

You’ll find the Moon-Lite Motel in Versailles (ver-SALES), Indiana, on US 421. That’s also the Auto Trail alignment of the Michigan Road. I’ve seen other photos with the neon fully working — the MOTEL letters light up in pink.

You never know what you’re going to get when you choose to stay at an old motel like this. Thank heavens for Google and its reviews, which say that this is one of the good ones.

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single frame: Moon-Lite Motel

A neon motel sign in Versailles, IN.


7 thoughts on “single frame: Moon-Lite Motel

  1. I prefer to stay in these non-franchise ‘mom and pops’ when travelling, and have noticed a general rule. When you find these places in areas that don’t get overwhelmed with seasonal crowds, they tend to pretty nice all the way to particularly nice (The Lincoln Motor Court for example). In the tourist trap areas (e.g. Wellsborough PA), these places are often pretty seedy. In some places though that just adds to the ambience of the place (for example Watkins Glen NY), although my wife would disagree on that latter point!

    • We tried to stay in mom-and-pop places on our Route 66 tour several years ago and found that they were a mixed bag. Some were great, some were terrible, most were in the middle somewhere. I think the key is to read the online reviews before you stay.

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