My coronacut

My hair finally got so long that I couldn’t style it anymore. Here in Indiana I am able to make an appointment at a stylist, but I cut it myself anyway. I’m convinced we’re reopening too fast here. I have zero interest in human contact as close as the stylist’s chair requires.

I own a little Wahl Peanut clipper. The longest guard you can get for it is a #4, which is ½ inch. I wish I had a #8 1-inch guard, but I’d have to buy a bigger and better clipper for that. Clippers are out of stock everywhere (surprise!), so I went with the Peanut.

There’s nothing about this cut that’s stylish, but at least it will be easy care. When it grows to about an inch on top, I’ll clip the sides to ½ inch again and blend them with the top.

25th high-school reunion, 2010

This cut is emotionally painful because it reveals exactly how much hair I’ve lost on top of my head.

The last time I had hair this short was in about 1999. The hair was so dense, you couldn’t see my scalp. That’s not true anymore!

It’s thin enough on top that I wonder whether my scalp will burn when I next spend a lot of time in the sun.

I’m not bald — yet. Give my hair a couple months, and its length will cover my hair loss reasonably well.

At my 25th high-school reunion, I was named winner of the hair lottery. It was kind of surprising to see how many of my male classmates had lost their hair.

Looks like I am on track to join them at last. I had a great run, though.


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  1. Mine started thinning in my twenties and I made the decision early on to just shave it and have done with the problem rather than try to diguise the fact. Washing my hair (head) is simplicity in itself, I have no need to try to keep abreast of fashionable hairstyles, and I’ve saved a fortune in haircuts!

    It does have downsides in that 1) I have little choice in style any more, should I want it, 2) If I don’t wear a hat (or suncream) in the summer, my head burns, and 3) If I don’t wear a hat in the winter my head gets cold!

    Other than that, it kinda feels like freedom. :)

    • I remember when it shifted over to people starting to shave their head, rather than doing the ridiculous combovers. Shaved is a much better look.

  2. You should now get some fostergrant shades and let your beard grow a bit (trim it carefully so it has that studied casual look), then you could take one of your film cameras to a coffee shop, sit down, and be a hipster….!

  3. We have had the big Wahl clippers for years, as we used to cut the boys’ hair when they were kids. The Number 8 guard came out last week.

    I won the hair lottery too. The forehead is a touch higher than it used to be and the color is fast disappearing, but otherwise I’m set.

    Mrs JP did the barbering. She deserves a salute because she *hates* it when I get my hair cut too short. I once came home with a burr cut and she cried. She only whimpered a bit this time. :)

  4. Greg Clawson says:

    Jim, I took the plunge about 10 yrs ago and buzzed my hair off. I work in construction and have to wear a hard hat every day, I never realized how much time I spent trying to get rid of hat hair. You will get used to it, and save a lot of money also.

    • Most of my personal style has always been wrapped up in my hair. And I work in software development – no hats needed. But I’m sure you’re right, I’ll get used to this. It was certainly fast and easy to give myself this buzz!

  5. Wow! You went for the Crew Cut, but it looks great! I’ve been trimming my own hair too. Not even sure my stylist has reopened, although Colorado is allowing this too.

  6. Kevin T says:

    Looks good to me…

    10 years ago, during my 2+ year stint in Tech Support for a large software company, I had hair down to my shoulder blades – despite a forehead that reached to the back of my head 😜 8 years ago I was applying to an engineering company, took at look at the company website, and got my hair cut not much longer than you have now. I liked it from day 1.

    Buy a hat. My wife finally convinced me and I’m glad she did. Find something you don’t hate and buy several.

    Getting older can be survived – for a while 😁😁

    • If I learn how to do it 1.5 inches long on top and fade it down from there, I’d cut my own hair forever.

      I don’t like this. I will survive it, however!

  7. Michael says:

    About time you went for a nice efficient cut. ;) You’ve got some flyers on your left side there.

    It is scary seeing you with so little hair though!

    • Thanks – I noticed the flyers myself and nipped them this afternoon. This will be super easy to care for, but frankly I’m so not used to my style conforming so much to the shape of my head. It’s … not my best look.

  8. You have literally thinned the herd. It looks great though and suits you. I have cut my own hair twice and my dad’s hair once during lockdown. Not sure I will ever pay to have a haircut again now I am not scared to do it. I like a messy style though. Less hassle in the morning.

    • Happy to hear you say that because when I got up today and looked in the mirror I quite spooked myself. I am not at all used to this look. I’m a little vain about my hair and I like it cut well, so when this is over I’ll go back to the stylist.

  9. Dani says:

    Oh my golly, good for you! I used Andy’s clippers a couple of weeks ago; the 1-inch guard over my ears and on the lower half of the back of my head. It was liberating!

  10. Olli Thomson says:

    Nice job. I just did my third cut yesterday. I thought clippers would be out of stock everwhere but there were plenty in our big box store, even some on sale. I started with a glass of whisky and got stuck in . it turned out quite well in the end. The trickiest part was getting a clean line at the back of my neck but since I never see it I don’t worry about it too much. I don’t think I’ll be going back to the barber.

    • I strongly prefer my hair to be longer. I’m still not used to seeing myself with essentially a buzz cut when I look in the mirror. I think this cut makes me look older! This is me from four years ago. I hope to get back to this look, if my thinning hair will cooperate. My son took this with my Nikon F2.

      Me at Crown Hill

      I used a hand mirror and the bathroom mirror to see the back of my head to get the line I wanted. It worked well enough.

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