Temporary Hours

Temporary hours
Polaroid SX-70
Polaroid Color SX-70 film

It was strange which businesses stayed open and which closed during the stay-at-home orders. This car wash near my home stayed open. I assume it’s because they can probably get away with having just one or two people operate it. It’s fully automatic otherwise.

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Film Photography

single frame: Temporary hours

Car wash on instant film.


6 thoughts on “single frame: Temporary hours

  1. I’m loving these Polaroids. A neighbor moved out of town and gave me several old film cameras. One was a Polaroid. With some old film. Haven’t tried it yet. . Should I assume the expired film is no good and just buy new film?

    • Definitely try the old film. Why not? If it doesn’t turn out, you didn’t lose anything. The #1 thing that happens to old Polaroid film is emulsion separation in the corners. The next is color shifting. There are Polaroid shooters that embrace and celebrate that look! Here’s one of mine:


  2. I was a little surprised to see a local hand car wash was opened at the weekend. From what I can see online, they’re one of the businesses allowed to operated – although they’ve been closed every other time I’ve passed recently. What was more surprising was that, during the lock-down, that people would see driving out to have someone wash their car by hand as an essential reason to go out.

    • I think the word essential has been misused. That word connotes “only the barest needed to survive.” That’s not at all what happened. I mean, liquor stores here were deemed essential. Come on.

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