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I’m going to start sending out a monthly email, and I hope you’ll sign up to receive it. It’ll be an insider view of things I’m working on, plus thoughts and ideas on the kinds of things I write about here.

I publish here all the time, but what you see is always finished product. I’m always working on things in advance. I’d like to let you in on what’s coming — cameras and films I’m trying, places I’ve been, experiences I want to share.

I’ve also enjoyed dashing off my COVID-19 thoughts. I write them quickly, and publish them same day. I have other thoughts I’d like to share, and this monthly email is a way I can do that.

I’ll write once a month for sure. But you might get a second email once in a while, whenever I have something to announce.

I’ll send my first monthly email in June. I’d be pleased if you sign up to receive it!



8 thoughts on “Sign up for my monthly email

  1. C’mon, JG – Was it really necessary for me to identify chimneys to prove I’m not a robot? I’m not always the warmest guy in the world, but I thought we were friends.

  2. Jim, I’m signed up. Intriguing new venture. I entered my email on my (Android) phone via the email message in GMail. When I clicked Subscribe it took me to a web page where I then had to enter my email again. Not sure why I needed to do it twice – just to let you know!

    • You’re the second person to report this. I think that signing up within the email message is just busted somehow on mobile phones. It’s out of my hands; it’s something the service I’m using for the emails will have to fix (or not).

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