Black Chrysler

Black Chrysler
Olympus XA
Arista Premium 400

I’ve gotten so much good use from my Olympus XA since I bought it in 2012. It’s so small and easy to take along, and it has a great lens.

I used to wear cargo shorts to the Mecum auction every year because could stuff my pockets full of small cameras. My Kodak EasyShare Z730, my Canon PowerShot S80, and my Canon PowerShot S95 all came along every year. I had two battery packs each for the Z730 and the S80, and four for the S95. I routinely took more than a thousand digital photos at the auction, which drained every battery.

I used the digitals to make some pleasing shots, but also just to document the cars. When I shot film — and only one or two rolls, to manage costs — it was always about making pleasing shots. The Olympus XA treated this 1938 Chrysler Royal right.

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single frame: Black Chrysler

A 1938 Chrysler Royal.


15 thoughts on “single frame: Black Chrysler

  1. I have always loved those cars from the late 1930s. There was a delicate balance between heft and grace in the styling.

  2. Jim, lovely car. Didn’t you ever think of getting a small camera bag? I hate having pockets stuffed with things, especially if I’m ducking in awkward positions taking photos. I always carry a bag for my keys, wallet, phone, camera(s) plus water/snacks.

    • I’m not a fan of carrying bags. That was the reason for the cargo shorts – compact cameras fit in the pockets fine. I do notice that they’re there but it’s not as much of a challenge for me as having a bag slung over a shoulder.

  3. DougD says:

    Ah, swoon. My dad’s first car was a 1938 DeSoto, which looks almost the same. I wish I could get ahold of one for a road trip with Dad now.

    Looks great in black and white, although fender skirts are not to my liking on this car.

    • The grain is what makes this image, really. This would have looked fine on T-Max but the Arista Premium’s grain really does add a pleasing dimension.

  4. Roger Meade says:

    That is such a great looking car. Much better looking for some reason than the 38 Pontiac my dad was driving when I was a kid. Maybe it’s the rear wheel covers and those chrome cowls over the headlights. The wide whitewalls help too. The Pontiac just had black walls, but it was already 10 years old by the time I became aware of it. The high camera position and back lighting give you a nice clean outline without a lot of clutter- nice!

    • Thank you! I shot this at eye level so of course that meant turning the camera down a little. I was especially happy that this car sat out a ways — so many of my shots at this auction have other cars nearby. I like how this one got to stand on its own in my frame.

  5. That’s the same type of car that fell on my dad when the jack slipped. I was small we lived in an apt building. Our car parking was to the side of the building and behind a tavern. I went out to check on dad, ” I was probably 5-6 and found him under the car. He managed to say go tell your mom and get help. Needless to say I ran and the help came. He had broken ribs. I can still recall the memory today.

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