Help me test my blog

I’m having ongoing minor issues with my blog’s functioning. Could you help me test something by leaving a comment? It can just say “Test” or something else short. After a while I’ll delete this post. Thanks!


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  1. Christopher May says:

    Test. Test. This is only a test. Had this been a real comment, I would have at least tried to post something erudite, insightful or humorous. I probably would have still failed but my heart would have been in the right place. ;-)

    • A test for Jim.

      WFH in my basement I am surrounded by cameras.

      during the past two days I have tested six Nikon’s. 3 Nikon FES, one Nikon fm2, one Nikon FG, Nikon 65.

      one Nikon Fe has a frozen mirror and the Nikon 65 needs a battery which I don’t own.

      but it was fun getting my Nikon FEs up and running along with the Nikon fm2. I would say the Nikon Fe is my most favorite film camera for getting good shots. Feels good, shoots good, develops good.

      Best wishes.

  2. Ian says:

    Received request for testing OK Jim. The regular blog posts and updates are still coming through OK. Hope you the bugs ironed out and keep up the good work.


  3. Hi, Jim, even though I don’t comment often, I like to read your blog for the great photos and the geographic history you provide. Keep it up! Hope you get worked out.

  4. Am I the only one who is just a little insulted that these comments are considered unworthy of permanence before they are even read?

  5. Ed says:

    There are some good things about being stuck at home. I processed 13 rolls of C41 over the last couple of days! And yes, you really can stretch out a set of chemicals that long.

  6. Tony says:

    A test:

    If a Nikon takes a photograph in a forest, and there is no one there to develop it.

    Will it be under exposed?

  7. Keith Walker says:

    Hi Jim
    You be very careful mate, Covid is running wild over there. Here in NZ we are in a complete lockdown, only essential services running, food is available from supermarkets and local ‘dairies; literally everything else us closed, You are not alloewd to leave your home other than for a short walk for exercise, you can use your car ONLY to go to the suppermarket and only one person in a househol can do the shopping. Over 70s are not allowed to leave home and go shopping at all,
    We have at Friday morniing 868 cases,14 in hospital, 1 critical and one death, a woman in her 70s and it is a complete mystery where she got it from, she lived in a fairly isolated area in our South Island Our PM Jacinda moved very hard and very fast when Covid got here and we are woeking hard to deal with it.

    • We’re doing the best we can here! I’m doing most of the shopping. We’re not as locked down as you are but we’re pretty locked down.

  8. Thanks everyone. It was so much fun to see all of you pop up here — especially those of you who have lurked for a long time and commented for the first time today. I think I’ll leave this post up for the memory of it.

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