single frame: Vegetables


Canon PowerShot S95

I couldn’t find my Canon PowerShot S95 after Christmas. I took it to my mom’s for the Grey family Christmas celebration but couldn’t find it after that.

It bothered me a lot that I couldn’t find this camera! I thought perhaps I’d left it among Christmas detritus and it had gone into the bin and thus to the landfill. I was forced to think about what camera would replace it. My wife has a Sony RX100 Mark I and it’s brilliant. I supposed I’d just get one of those. But daggone it, I didn’t want to buy a new camera! I like my S95 very much. I know I make a big fuss here about film cameras and film photography. But the truth is, my favorite camera is this ten-year-old compact. It’s very good but not perfect, and many newer cameras outclass it. But I know how to get good results from it. I know this camera.

It rained all through Christmas. When I needed my dress raincoat again in late January, the S95 was in a pocket.

Delighted to have found it, I’ve been shooting it more lately. Margaret had just come from the market with these vegetables, which were on the counter. I put the camera in black-and-white mode just to see how it would render them. (If you’d like to see them in color, click here.)

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6 responses to “single frame: Vegetables”

  1. Kurt Ingham Avatar
    Kurt Ingham Nice one, Mr. Weston!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I always love a Frank Zappa reference!

  2. Dan James Avatar

    I think before I said – A touch of Edward Weston’s pepper studies influencing you here Jim? So glad you’ve found the PowerShot, you guys have been through so much together!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      What’s odd is that all the lost comments are still in my system, I can see them in my admin panel. But they no longer show up on the associated posts. Weird.

  3. Katie Avatar

    I, too, have a ten-year-old Powershot S95. I don’t use it leisurely, it’s in charge of taking all my product photographs for my online shop. In that sense, it is probably the most important camera I own and I hate to think that one day I’ll have to replace it. May our S95s live long lives, Jim.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar


      My S95 is my primary road-trip camera. It’s got the battle scars to prove it. Thank heavens it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

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