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I got my Pentax ME out last week to use it, to find that its meter wasn’t responding.

At the moment, I don’t have a functioning K-mount body. I still haven’t sent my Pentax KM in for repair after accidentally damaging it during Operation Thin the Herd.

Fortunately, my Pentax Spotmatic F is still going stong. So I used that. I also got out my Nikon N90s and, just today, my Nikon N2000 for some work. I really like all of those cameras. The N2000 continues to surprise me by how pleasant it is.

Still, it feels very weird not to have a functioning K-mount body. Both my ME and KM need to go to Eric Hendrickson stat.

K-mount woes


12 thoughts on “K-mount woes

  1. analogphotobug says:

    Just put my Minolta SRT-202 in the shop. Still need to have my SRT-101 repaired. I know how you feel.

  2. tbm3fan says:

    Just got back my recently acquired LX after a tune up by Eric. Now I need to go out and try it out especially after i did an inventory of all my frozen expired film. Shooting a roll a week, like some blogs have done, would take me 7 1/2 years. I definitely need to flatten that curve big time.

  3. Victor Villaseñor says:

    You constantly mention your experience with Minoltas being unreliable, in my experience, i’ve encountered more Pentax gear with troubles, the Minolta ones would always work or need minor fixes or just cleanup, while im on my 4th ME Super and still haven’t found one that works cleanly. Have them repaired, they are compact, nimble and have bright clean viewfinders!

    Stay safe Jim!

    • Isn’t that funny? I wish I had better luck with Minolta. I really liked the SR-Ts I’ve used. This is the first outright Pentax failure I’ve had. Mine have been uniformly reliable over the years.

  4. Hi, it’s really annoying when you go to use a camera and the meter doesn’t respond. I have a Miranda MS 2 who is very particular about how the batteries are put in. I often have to try several times before it comes to life.???

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