Chicago Skyway Bridge

Driving across the Chicago Skyway Bridge
Olympus XA
Kodak T-Max 400

I barely slept the last night we were in Chicago. So I handed my car keys to Margaret. It gave me this lovely opportunity to photograph the Chicago Skyway Bridge while we were crossing it.

This bridge, built in 1958, carries the Chicago Skyway, also known as I-90, across the Calumet River. At the end of the Skyway, eastbound, is Indiana. This is a toll bridge, but thanks to my EZPass transponder I have no idea what the charge is. I just add some money to my account before we go and let the EZPass pay the toll.

It was midmorning Monday. Traffic was light. For a moment, it looked like we had this busy bridge all to ourselves.

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Film Photography

single frame: Driving across the Chicago Skyway Bridge

A through-the-windshield shot of the Chicago Skyway Bridge.


10 thoughts on “single frame: Driving across the Chicago Skyway Bridge

  1. analogphotobug says:

    Ahhhhh, I remember this bridge when I would drive home from Chicago to Cincinnati. Glad to hear that YOU were not driving!

  2. Darts and Letters says:

    Just out of curiosity, how fast a shutter speed did you use and what did you focus on? Does a person pick a spot and rely on panning technique for a situation like this? I ask because although I’m usually stuck in the driver’s seat with the family I can definitely think of places (without sidewalks or space safe for peds) around town off the top of my head where I’ve always thought it’d be neat to get a frame from the passenger seat. Either your windshield was really clean or you were pushing the season in your convertible :-)

    • I used my Olympus XA. I set the aperture, probably to something like f/8, and let the camera choose the shutter speed. I focused to infinity. It was seriously just a quick snap through the windshield, and it turned out well!

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