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💻 I love memoir. Shawna Lemay shares a lovely bit of hers as she reflects on the place Bruce Springsteen music has had in her life, as she lived her life. Read A Year with Springsteen

South Bend Chocolate Cafe
Olympus Stylus, Eastman Double-X 5222, 2017

💻 We Midwesterners are not risk takers. Aaron Renn says that’s what makes Pete Buttigieg’s bid for the White House a great example for us, even though he didn’t make the cut. Read Pete Buttigieg and the Importance of Being in the Game

📷 Paul Lovell looks at an odd-duck 35mm point-and-shoot camera meant for construction sites, the Fuji Work Record. Read Fuji Work Record

📷 Aaron Gold reviews the frustrating yet lovable Nikon Nikomat FT2. Read Nikomat FT2 review: Because photography isn’t complicated enough


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