The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour revisited

From 2011 to early 2013, a buddy of mine and I went on a mission: to find the finest fried chicken in Indiana. Thus was born the Indiana Fried Chicken Tour.

We visited restaurants famous for fried chicken across the state, though most of our stops were within shouting distance of Indianapolis. I blogged reviews of every restaurant’s chicken (and fixings) all along the way.

As I’ve been doing SEO work on the site I unearthed these old posts. I thought I’d share them again with you, because they were such fun.

Stop 1: Mississippi Belle — This soul-food restaurant on Indianapolis’s Eastside brings it out fast and hot.

Stop 2: Kountry Kitchen — Another Indianapolis soul-food restaurant, in a bit of a blighted neighborhood.

Stop 3: Kopper Kettle — We ventured just outside Indianapolis to this genteel restaurant, a throwback to a time gone by.

Stop 4: The Iron Skillet — Apparently genteel-throwback is a thing, as this Indianapolis restaurant carries a similar vibe.

Stop 5: MCL Restaurant and Bakery — This cafeteria serves all sorts of food but fried chicken is on the menu every day.

Stop 6: Marble’s Southern Cookery — Another soul-food restaurant, on the near Northwestside of Indianapolis.

Stop 7: Wagner’s Village Inn — Located in a southeast Indiana town that looks like a German postcard, this bar offered the finest chicken on the tour.

Stop 8: Hollyhock Hill — The last of the genteel-throwback restaurants, and probably my favorite. Located on the far Northside of Indianapolis.

Stop 9: Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles — Downtown in Indianapolis, Maxine’s will give you chicken without the waffles if you want.

Sadly, our tour ended after nine stops. My buddy and I had been co-workers, and when I moved on from the company, our contact dribbled out into nothing. And my doctor had me experiment with a gluten-free diet to try to solve a pesky health problem, which took fried chicken off my menu.


18 responses to “The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour revisited”

  1. davisr66 Avatar

    This is a post that I’ve been waiting for. I will read each one. I’ve had chicken at all three “genteel throwback” places that you’ve mentioned and thoroughly enjoyed each one. May I have permission to share this on my Facebook page?

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You never need permission to share my work around!

  2. J P Avatar

    Well, perhaps I should pick up where you left off. Although my heart tells me to go with breaded tenderloin sandwiches first. Ok, maybe not my actual heart, but you know what I mean.

    1. J P Avatar

      BTW, the Kountry Kitchen suffered a nasty fire recently and has been closed. I don’t know their insurance situation but have seen appeals to the community for help with rebuilding. The neighborhood around it is gentrifying rapidly, and I wonder whether it will come back at that location.

    2. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yeah, my heart screams at me “HAVE A SALAD!!!” while I choose something deep-fried. I did know about the Kountry Kitchen’s fire. I haven’t been through there in a while but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to learn about the gentrification.

  3. Marc Beebe Avatar

    There are worse tours one could take. Not sure if there are any better ones, though. :)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      This one was pretty righteous.

  4. Ben Cotton Avatar

    If you ever want to do an Indiana Biscuits and Gravy Tour and need a co-pilot, give me a call. :-D

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      oh man that would be brilliant.

  5. M.B. Henry Avatar

    Yummy :) Also I wanted to say that this morning I got a ton of ping back approvals for when you apparently posted links to my posts on your website, wanted to say thanks, I had no idea you had done that! <3

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Lol, yeah, you and a bunch of other people. I’m doing some SEO work on my blog, old posts not related to film photography and road trips, marking them noindex. That way Google sees my blog as being about film photography and road trips. I’m doing my Recommended Reading posts right now hence the pingbacks. I turned off pingbacks on my blog yesterday so that won’t keep happening!

      1. M.B. Henry Avatar

        Ha I wondered if it was something like that!

  6. marcusterrypeddle Avatar

    When the corona virus has disappeared, come over to Korea for a few stops of the tour. There is great fried chicken here in many varieties. When people ask me why I’ve been in Korea for so long, I reply, “For the chicken!”

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I never wanted to visit Korea before but I do now!

  7. Sam Avatar

    I love fried chicken! It’s contributing to my high cholesterol I know but if ever I’m in your neck of the woods, I’ll have to stop by a couple of these joints! Thanks!!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      All sorts of options for you here in Indiana!

  8. DougD Avatar

    Is there really such a thing as good fried chicken? I can’t remember ever having it in a restaurant, my main fried chicken experience comes from Jerry’s Cafe in Missouri where I was working for a few months. It was on the rotation for the lunch special and like everything else on the menu was edible but not outstanding.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Infidel! :-) Get on a plane and go directly to Wagner’s Village In in Oldenburg, Indiana. You will see the light.

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