Views from the tallest building in Indianapolis

My friend and colleague Charlie has worked with me at two different software companies. He’s a skilled engineer who specializes in site performance and test automation. He currently works for Salesforce, the giant software-as-a-service company. They have a large office in Indianapolis in the city’s tallest building, renamed Salesforce Tower when they moved in.

Charlie and I met for lunch not long ago, and he took me to the top floor of Salesforce Tower so I could see the views. Here’s the entire north side of Indianapolis. In the center near the bottom you can see the Indiana World War Memorial, and north across the long plaza from it is Central Library. Behind it, I-65 cuts across the landscape. I can even see the Michigan Road running off at a diagonal at left, a little north of center; can you detect it?

Northside of Indianapolis

On the south side of the building, this is the view of Monument Circle below. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument, at 284 feet, 6 inches, was the tallest structure in town until the 372-feet-tall City-County Building was completed in 1962, a couple blocks away. When you see photos of Indianapolis from many years gone by, the Monument towers over everything. Today, not so much.

Looking down on Monument Circle

Other skyscrapers went up in the decades that followed, crowned by Salesforce Tower at 811 feet tall. It’s not just the tallest building in Indianapolis, but also the tallest building in all the Midwest outside Chicago and Cleveland and the 58th tallest building in the US.

Salesforce Tower was completed in 1990. It was originally to be the headquarters for American Fletcher National Bank, but before construction even began, Bank One bought American Fletcher. Later, Chase bought Bank One. Salesforce became the building’s biggest tenant in 2017, which gave them rights to put their name on the building.

View from the Riley gravesite

Here’s a view of the Indianapolis skyline from the highest elevation in Indianapolis, where James Whitcomb Riley is buried inside Crown Hill Cemetery. It’s about five miles away as the crow flies. Salesforce Tower rises above the rest.

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7 responses to “Views from the tallest building in Indianapolis”

  1. J P Avatar

    This was the first time I experienced an entire ground floor lobby becoming a security checkpoint. Which it never was before Salesforce became a tenant. Now I cannot go to a law firm there without showing a picture ID in order to get on an elevator. Thanks, Salesforce.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I had to go through the same checkpoint to see the top floor. I’m glad it’s not a regular part of my life.

  2. Michael Avatar

    It’s good to know friends in high places. ;)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Ba dump bump, tshhhhh!

  3. brandib1977 Avatar

    What a view! It was nice of your friend to share that experience.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It was fun to get to see it!

      1. brandib1977 Avatar

        I bet! It’s always interesting to see a familiar place from a different perspective.

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