Casselman River bridge

National Road bridge over Maryland’s Casselman River
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The trip my sons and I made to Washington, DC, and then back along the National Road is the vacation we all remember most fondly. It was a great trip until we entered Ohio, when we had an automobile accident that totaled our car. We were unharmed, but it was a sad end to a great trip.

Maryland became more gorgeous the farther west we went into it. We were especially excited to reach Garrett County, as that is one of my sons’ names. We stopped by the roadside to photograph my son under a sign proclaiming our entrance into his county.

Then shortly we came upon this bridge, which was built in 1814 to carry the National Road across the Casselman River. It served until 1933, seven years after this road was named US 40, when a steel-truss bridge was built downriver and the road realigned to it. Later, I-68 was built a little farther downriver and US 40 was routed onto it. So three bridges stand in a row here. I wrote about them all here.

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2 responses to “single frame: National Road bridge over Maryland’s Casselman River”

  1. Mike Hartley Avatar

    Thank you for the compliments to my home state. I love photographing it. Our eastern shore is also beautiful.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      We visited the eastern shore in 2018! Ocean City to be specific. We enjoyed it very much.

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