On the bridge

Standing on the Shepard Bridge
Minolta Autopak 470
Lomography Color Tiger

This 1913 stone-arch bridge carries the Michigan Road over Big Creek in Ripley County, Indiana. I’ve written about this bridge a bunch of times: here, here, here, here. It’s one of my favorite bridges.

In 2018 my wife and I followed the Michigan Road north from Madison and paused here to explore. She’s out on the deck with her camera. I made this image on 110 film using a Minolta Autopak 470 camera.

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3 responses to “single frame: Standing on the Shepard Bridge”

  1. 35mm Film Shootist Avatar

    Great image Jim, but if that had been my wife, she would have punched for taking that shot of the sign with her in the picture.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yeahhhhhh, my wife pointed that out when she saw the photo. Oh well!

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