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All camera reviews this week!

📷 Nicholas Middleton reviews the Voigtländer Vito B, commenting on its place in 35mm camera history. Read Voigtländer Vito B

Mini Speed Graphic
Yashica-12, Spiratone close-up kit, Kodak Tri-X 400, Rodinal 1+50, 2019.

📷 Paul Lovell looks at a 1980s Olympus point-and-shoot with two separate lenses. Read Olympus Infinity Twin

📷 Alyssa Chiarello profiles a Fujica SLR that helps her feel connected to her father. Read The Fujica ST801 and My Dad’s Birthday

📷 Bill Smith briefly profiles the Zorki 4. Read Well Hi There Comrade, the Zorki 4 Rangefinder

📷 James Tocchio puts a popular point-and-shoot Konica through its paces. Read Konica Tomato and Konica Pop 10 Review

📷 Mike Eckman looks at the KMZ Iskra, a folding medium-format camera. Read KMZ Iskra (1960)

📷 Stephen Dowling reaches back into the 1930s to look at the Leica Standard, a sort-of budget Leica. Read Kosmopedia: Leica Standard


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