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💻 Now that I’m in my early 50s, I have to pay attention to staying fit in ways I never did before, while my body has become more injury prone during exercise. Daniel Milnor is about my age and he’s finding out the same thing. However, he attacks the problem in a way I never would, because deep in my soul I’m a wuss. Read Adventure: Can I Make It Up?

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Pentax Spotmatic F, 35mm f/3.5 Super-Multi-Coated Takumar, Kodak Ektar 100, 2018

💻 Lawrence Yeo describes a useful model for how humans view themselves vis-a-vis how much money they have. It helped me see how I might change my view a little so I can be more satisfied with what I have. Read Money Is the Megaphone of Identity

📷 Did you know that Hamish Gill throws away his film negatives? Once he’s scanned and post-processed his images, to him, those are the images and the negs are superfluous. With that, he encourages us all to ignore people who tell us how we should do photography, and find the way that makes us happy instead. Read Own Your Workflow and Goals (and Don’t Get Too Distracted by the Mantras of Others)

📷 Mark O’Brien extols the virtues of the Pentax Spotmatic F. As a fan, I agree wholeheartedly. Read The Pentax Spotmatic F — still going strong

📷 Alyssa Chiarello got a Nikon F with a Photomic metering head, and gushes about it. As well she should. Read The Nikon F — The Camera That Will Outlive You

📷 Mike Connealy got a Nikon F, too — his with the simple non-metering head. So classic. That’s the one I’d want. Read Nikon F

📷 Do you ever shoot expired film? EM at EMULSIVE gives excellent, experience-based advice on how to expose it. Read Rants: How to shoot expired film or no, you do not need to add one stop per decade


14 thoughts on “Recommended reading

      • Staying active is important. But it’s also important to realize you’re growing older and you should slow down a bit. One day I will follow my own advice, I’m sure.

        • I’ve always lived fully in my head and only in my 40s did I start to feel connected to my body. It’s not that I’m a couch potato, I know how to do physical work and am not afraid to. I’ve just never sought it, or run to it, like some do. I guess it means that in my 50s I feel like I’ve lost less ability than some of my peers, because I never used my full abilities in the first place.

  1. Joseph Rockne says:

    I’m going to throw out my negatives today. I ditched the blog a week ago. (Facing someone significant financial costs to fix some issues…). I am printing out more pictures now. That’s what the kids will enjoy when I’m gone. But I glue them onto paper. Not even archival!

  2. Kurt Ingham says:

    Great stuff as usual, but the article on shooting expired film is exceptionally good. So much nonsense written/posted on the subject, this is a refreshing change

  3. analogphotobug says:

    Interesting thoughts from Hamish because I withdrew an article from 35 mmc because He was trying to force his Mantras on Me.

  4. Kurt Ingham says:

    There is one Photo Blog (unnamed here)- that I read regularly- even though the word ‘wankers!’ often comes to mind as I do so

  5. I threw out 15 years’ worth of slides and negatives last December. After going through them and having the valuable ones scanned, of course. High resolution Fuji Frontier scans for family photos etc., and 50MB Flextight scans for my best photos. No regrets.

    • Awesome. I wonder if I should do something similar. As I’ve thought more about this over the last couple days I’ve realized that my Photoshopped scan is the gold standard image for me. If my negs burned in a fire I’m not sure I’d miss them.

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