2 thoughts on “Updated review: Certo Super Sport Dolly

  1. -N- says:

    I have a small collection of folders, and they are all fussy in that they are hard to see out of, but so much fun to use, too. One problem I have had is with my 1930s Voigtlander 6×9 RF – Kodak film numbers are too pale to see in the red window. I lost a whole roll of Ektar to it. Fuji works fine – need to run some Ilford through it. None of mine have light leaks, though, but it is good to know how to fix them. Altogether, a folder makes you the photography god – you make all the choices – some good, some bad – and the results can be amazing. Thanks for the post about the Dolly – don’t have one but thought about it – but I have too many cameras!!

    • The fabric paint fix is probably temporary. I haven’t used my Dolly in a while, so before I do next time I’ll go into a dark room with a bright flashlight to see if the bellows repairs have held.

      I agree, when you get good images with an old folder you suddenly feel very skilled, because this kind of photography is as close to the “bare metal” as you get with rollfilm.

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