Bridge on State Road 225

The last one-lane bridge on an Indiana highway
Pentax ME, 35mm f/2.8 SMC Pentax-A
Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 (shot at 200)

Indiana State Road 225 runs just four miles, from State Road 43 a few miles north of Lafayette, through the small town of Battle Ground, through Prophetstown State Park, to a road that used to be State Road 25.

This four-span Pratt through truss bridge was built in 1912, before there was any sort of state highway system here. A stoplight at either end controls traffic so nobody has to play chicken on the bridge. Given that only about 950 cars cross it every day, I’m sure the state has never been terribly motivated to build a two-lane bridge here.

But that day might need to come soon. At its last inspection, this bridge was judged to be in poor condition, its structure requiring corrective action.

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12 responses to “single frame: The last one-lane bridge on an Indiana highway”

  1. J P Avatar

    Wow, I would not have thought that one of these would still be in use, even in rural Indiana. Also, I am surprised that it sees 900-something cars a day.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It was quite a surprise to come upon it on that short little state road.

  2. DougD Avatar

    Nice bridge. I found a shot of the builders plaque elsewhere and it was built by the Lafayette Engineering Company. I’m always amazed what could be done with pencil and drafting tables.
    From side views it looks like the concrete pillars are the worst part of the bridge, that’s not as labor intensive to fix so perhaps there is hope that this bridge will survive.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Here’s hoping. It’d be a shame to lose it.

  3. Mark Avatar

    Why did you shoot the Fuji 400 @200?
    Nice photo. Bridges are so interesting to look at and then to think about how built, who has traveled over

    Your truck? Did you worry about traffic? Did you take more than 1 photo or did you know you had it with one?

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I was experimenting with overexposing color film — I’d seen some pleasing results from others who do it. I think it worked out okay here.

      Not my truck. I was parked off the bridge by the side of the road. There wasn’t much traffic, and given the traffic light behind me I just waited until it was red to step out in front of the bridge. I knew I had it in one shot.

  4. Neil Iwan Avatar
    Neil Iwan

    This photo brought back really good memories to me. We had friends in West Point, and coming down U.S. 421 from Michigan, we used this as a shortcut to their place in the woods. Now they have moved. Thanks for the memory of good times with good friends.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      What a terrific shortcut to be able to take!

  5. Joe shoots resurrected cameras Avatar

    One-lane bridges, that takes me back!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Or across, as the case may be! ;-)

  6. Kiflam Hurlbut Avatar
    Kiflam Hurlbut

    I love that bridge. I took it often when leaving or returning to my old home in Battle Ground. Sharing a lane with opposite traffic kind of forces you to be social. I to be a life affirming experience. I imagine the completion of the Hoosier Heartland highway might have affected use a bit. Plus, the area south of the bridge was prone to flooding closures.

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