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💻 I like to think I’m a writer because I write six days a week on this blog. I’m also a photographer, and a software developer. But Jacob Falkovich says that we all might be better off not pinning ourselves down to such identities. Read Predictable Identities 24: Anti-Identity

💻 The media are reporting how cars are crazy expensive now. Paul Niedermeyer has done the research and shows year by year since 1967 how car prices (adjusted for inflation) have trended. Cars cost only a little more now than in 1967. It’s CUVs and SUVs that are crazy expensive. Read Everybody Is Bitching About the Rapidly Increasing Price of Cars But They All Have It Wrong – Here’s a List of New Car Prices Going Back to 1967 and 2020 Is the Cheapest

💻 Alister Scott worked from home for over three years as part of a company with workers all over the world. This is a growing trend in tech companies. He writes an experience report that sheds important light on why this life is hard and can be unrewarding. Read The future of work? An essay.

Maker's Mark Distillery *EXPLORED*
Nikon FA, 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 AI-s Zoom Nikkor, Arista.EDU 200, 2018.

📷 Hamish Gill shoots the new Ilford Ortho Plus film and is surprised by the lovely results he got. Read My first two rolls of Ilford Ortho Plus

📷 I like Arista.EDU 200 (aka Fomapan 200) for everyday black-and-white use. Michael Nguyen, writing for Japan Camera Hunter, reviews this film. Read Film Review: Arista.EDU Ultra 200

📷 Ashley Pomeroy gets around to reviewing the Olympus E-PL1, a micro-four-thirds digital camera from 2010, late in her blog post. Read Olympus E-PL1

📷 Street photography without faces — Steven Lawrence framed around interesting details of people in his town, and got brilliant results. Read olympia, january 5, ektar 100.


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