Canadian River Bridge

38 spans on Route 66
Canon PowerShot S95

This wonderful bridge is on old Route 66 in Canadian County, Oklahoma. At 3,944.3 feet, its 38 Camelback Pratt pony trusses undulate mesermisingly as you drive through.

This bridge’s future is uncertain. As I wrote here, this 1933 bridge didn’t fare well at its last inspection and officials recommend it be replaced. This isn’t like many other old Route 66 bridges, on some long ago alignment carrying only local traffic. This bridge is still part of the US highway system, carrying US 281 over the South Canadian River. While I stood here to make this photo, many semis whizzed by me.

Options on the table include building a new bridge nearby to carry US 281 and leaving this one in place for Route 66 drivers to continue to enjoy. I hope that option wins.

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3 responses to “single frame: 38 spans on Route 66”

  1. M.B. Henry Avatar

    Hey!! I know that bridge!! :) I also know that camera – I used to have a Powershot! :) Well done.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I mislaid my PowerShot S95! I can’t find it anywhere! My best camera ever!

      1. M.B. Henry Avatar

        I had a great time with mine! It was my first really nice camera. Once I got my big Canon 60D, I donated the Powershot so some new photographer could start his/her memories on it! :)

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