The Astronaut David Wolf Bridge

The Astronaut David Wolf Bridge
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This is the last truss bridge still standing in Indianapolis. It was built in 1941 to carry State Road 100 across the White River. Its two Parker through trusses are bookended by Warren pony trusses.

In 1941, this was way out in the country. The Indianapolis city limits were several miles to the south. But as the city expanded outward, as cities do, eventually this region became suburban, and this road became a major shopping destination. This road, and therefore this bridge, were no longer sufficient for the traffic volume.

Fortunately, sane heads prevailed. When the road was widened to four lanes in the late 1980s, a new two-lane bridge was built alongside this one to carry westbound traffic. This bridge was left in place to carry eastbound traffic. In 2008 it received a thorough restoration. Somewhere along the way, the city of Indianapolis named it after astronaut David Wolf, who was born and raised here.

This is a challenging bridge to photograph given its length and how many strip malls crowd the area. Once I made a through-the-windshield video when I crossed this bridge; you can see it here.

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single frame: The Astronaut David Wolf Bridge

The story of the last truss bridge still standing in Indianapolis.


10 thoughts on “single frame: The Astronaut David Wolf Bridge

  1. I don’t recall ever having driven across that bridge, but nice work in “isolating” it among the suburban sprawl. And the Signet 40 gave a good image.

  2. This is a great view, one that I never see despite frequently driving over this bridge.

    Am I right that SR 100 turned south at what is now Shadeland Avenue, making an early 1/2 of a beltway around the far north and east sides of the city?

  3. If you like old truss bridges we have five of them here in Joliet,IL which link the east side to the west side of town crossing over the DesPlaines River. They are lift bridges of course to allow the river traffic to pass through. The truss bridge over I-80 is in disrepair, built in early 1960’s. I refuse to drive over it. There is a lot of truck traffic going through town now and often there is a back up over the bridge waiting to exit just east of the bridge. 😬

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