Interesting light, captured on iPhone

I’m still using the iPhone 6S I bought in 2016. That’s ancient mobile-phone history, but it’s been a good phone and I don’t see any reason to upgrade. Its battery is starting to wear out, but the Apple Store will install a new one for $49. That’s a fraction of a new iPhone’s cost.

The new iPhone 11’s camera is supposed to be startlingly good thanks to big advances in computational photography. I’m sure I’ll find out all about it someday, but not as long as my 6S continues to perform well.

The 6S’s camera is pretty good, anyway. Here are some photos I’ve made with it lately that I think turned out all right. What they all have in common is that I found the light to be interesting, and the iPhone was the only camera I had on me.

I made this photo through the windshield of my car as I drove out of my subdivision after a snowy night.

Snowy road

I made this through my car’s windshield too. I’d just left work and was stopped at a light on Washington Street (the Michigan and National Roads) at Meridian Street.

Westbound on Washington

We got some delicious late-afternoon light one weekday afternoon so I went to the nearest window and made this photo of the neighboring City-County Building.

The City-County Building

I was reading one evening as the sun set. I looked over and noticed these wonderful colors through the back door window. I wasn’t motivated enough to get up and add a photo to my Sunset Over the Toyota Dealer series so I zoomed in a little with my iPhone and made this.

Kitchen sunset

I made this at Crown Hill Cemetery on the day I shot a roll of Fujifilm Velvia there.

Crown Hill path

Margaret and I met her son Zach in the hip Fountain Square neighborhood for a night out. We stopped by Hotel Tango, which distills their own spirits. I stood in line waiting to order us a round of Old Fashioneds.

Order Here

Finally, where I work everyone who completes five years of service gets a rubber chicken. This service award is far less puzzling than the one given for ten years: a tin can with a plastic spoon sticking out of it. I’m sure that when my time comes for one of these awards, someone will explain them to me.

Rubber chickens

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9 responses to “Interesting light, captured on iPhone”

  1. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    That shot of the snowy lane sure is nice to look at. I do not miss those snowy mornings however.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The morning after a snow is always so gorgeous. Treacherous to drive in, esp. here in central Indiana where we don’t get enough snowy mornings for people to get good at handling them. Where I grew up a snowy morning was a non-event because we got so many of them they were routine.

  2. Dennis Avatar

    Great shots. I have only got two cameras I regularly use – a Pentax SuperProgram and a red and white cannon WP-1 I got at good will fir $4.
    But have been snapping with my iPhone more and more .
    I to had a iPhone 6s. It has really taken a beating over the year – cutting wood to heat out house , yard work and so on. Thank goodness fir the otter case. Just last months the touch screen gave out. I went in our local ATT( only device in our neck of the woods and indeed only two bars at that ) and I changed plans and got a new iPhone 8 fir free. Added veteran discount and autopay and now save about $30 a month and a new phone.
    Over what I had with the iPhone 6s.

    Been thinking about getting a remote shutter and macro and telephoto clip on.
    It is also the only kind of computer we have.


    Have a good day. Clouding and 40 here in central Missouri woods

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ve always wanted to try a Super Program! And that free iPhone 8 was good fortune. My wife has an 8 and likes it.

  3. Mark Avatar

    Do you have a recommendation(s) for iPhone and Android lightmeter Apps ? Your photos today got me thinking I want to understand more about light

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      On iPhone I use MyLightMeter. I like its UI best. I don’t have experience on the Android side – however I am currently teaching myself Android software development and my goal is to produce a simple light meter!

  4. Melissa Selena Avatar

    I still miss the camera on my iPhone 3GS. Oh it couldn’t handle contrast at all but that’s what made it special. I loved its lo-fi look.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Does the phone still work at all? I sometimes use a particular old digicam I own because I like its look too.

      1. Melissa Selena Avatar

        oh I sold that years ago, I used to upgrade to the latest iPhone almost every year. Such a waste.

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