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Macy's Chicago 2017 Christmas tree
Canon PowerShot S95, 2017.

💻 When the Web was new, it crackled with promise of an open world. The big tech companies have eroded that — but they haven’t killed it. Anil Dash comments on the open Web that still exists. Read The People’s Web

💻 Mark Evanier tells stories about how he used to finagle his way into NBC in Burbank to watch TV shows be produced. It was the 1970s, a time before heavy security everywhere. Read ASK me: Crashing NBC

💻 Would you pay $2450 for a 30-year-old used car? Paul Niedermeyer over at Curbside Classic makes a strong case that this particular one may be well worth it. Read CC For Sale: 1990 Toyota Corolla Wagon, $2450 — The Best 30-Year-Old Used Car, Period


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  1. Oh my. We had an ’89 Corolla wagon and it was a super nice car. Sold it for $300 though, not nearly 3,000! *LOL* Driveable too. I wonder if it’s still being used.

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