Updated review: Nikon N65

I’ve updated my review of the Nikon N65 35mm SLR to be more favorable. I didn’t much like the camera the first time I shot it, but that was bias, plain and simple. I’ll always prefer my metal, mechanical 1970s SLRs, but a camera like the N65 does good work, easily, and deserves praise for that. Read my updated review here.

Nikon N65


2 responses to “Updated review: Nikon N65”

  1. Steve Mitchell Avatar

    An honest review….I have a Canon EOS 1000 in my collection – unfortunately the lens on it has some haze which reduces the contrast too much for my liking, but I am sure it would be similarly competent and boring….

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Every camera is a tool for a job. There have been times when something like this N65 has been the right tool for a job I was doing. Like road-trip photography. With a kit zoom a camera like this is light, easy to use, and can get closer to subjects than I often can on foot!

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