Recommended reading

📷 Ming Thien gives a quick review of the iPhone 11 Pro camera. Computational photography is here and it’s a game changer. Read Brave new world: the surprising iPhone 11 Pro

1976 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
iPhone 5, 2013.

💻 Over at Curbside Classic, David Saunders proposes the seven stages of a car’s life cycle, from shiny and new to irredeemable beater. Where does your car fall on the scale? Read CC Deep Thoughts: Seven Stages of the Car Life Cycle – Showroom to Clunker to Scrap Metal

💻 The two most valuable things we get from our primary relationship are, I think, companionship and emotional connection. Carla Akil writes a lovely short essay about the latter of the two, and how it’s all about having someone to listen to you talk about how you feel. Read Hello, Distance

📷 Mike Connealy shows us his Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 35 and some accessories he uses to make this simple camera a real pleasure to use. Read What’s in your pocket?


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