6 thoughts on “Updated review: Ansco B-2 Cadet

  1. Hello I hope you don’t mind me asking a question slightly off subject, but I respect your advice. I have acquired a 120 roll of Kodak plus x pan prof film. The only camera in my collection that I can use is a Coronet Rapide. How do I go about calculating an exposure time ???

    • There are so many variables at play, it’s hard to advise. How old is the film? One school of thought says to overexpose by 1 stop for every 10 years of age. So film expired since 1989 would get 3 stops of overexposure.

      How was the film stored? If it was always stored cold, I’d just shoot it at box speed (ISO 125). I’ve had great luck with expired Kodak b/w film that’s been stored cold.

      I believe a Coronet Rapide is fixed exposure, about 1/50 at f/11. So you don’t have much choice. I’d just shoot the film in that camera and see what happens. That’s ultimately what we all do with the random roll of expired film anyway!

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