City County Building

City-County Building
Nikon N90s, 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G AF Nikkor
Ilford FP4 Plus

In 1970, Indianapolis merged with Marion County to create a combined city-county government. But the City-County building, which was built to house government offices, was completed in 1962. It’s as if they knew the merger was inevitable.

The City-County Building has that standard 1960s skyscraper look. It was the first building in Indianapolis to be taller than the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at the heart of Downtown. Now, any number of buildings are taller than the Monument.

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single frame: City-County Building



6 thoughts on “single frame: City-County Building

  1. Basil Berchekas Jr says:

    I do believe the political leaders who pushed to get the city-county building built knew some type of city-county merger was inevitable, but one can understand that such a merger would be politically undesirable to promote that proposal “out loud”…,

  2. Karen Bryan says:

    Have a look at Salt Lake City’s City/County building (there are lots of photos online). It’s much older, and couldn’t be more different from this one. It’s late Victorian and has elaborate park-like grounds all around it. A great subject for photography.

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