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Welcome to my Saturday-morning roundup of the best blog posts I read all week.

💻 Software developer Chelsea Troy has been writing a series lately about what she’s learned about listening. It’s all good reading, but her latest installment is especially good: how to ask good questions as part of good listening. Read Listening 6: Deliberate Inquisition

City Market
Nikon N90s, 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G AF Nikkor, Ilford FP4 Plus, 2019.

📷 James Tocchio does a solid review of an uncommon 35mm rangefinder camera: the Minolta V2, which has a leaf shutter capable of a surprising 1/2000 sec. top speed! Read Minolta V2 Review — The Fastest 35mm Rangefinder Camera of 1958

📷 Pentax had its 100th birthday this week. Or rather, the company that made the first Pentax camera did. Or it would have, had it not been sold off a couple times. Whatever, we’re claiming the birthday. Mike Johnston was the first place of many I read about it this week. Read Happy 100th Birthday Pentax

📷 Nicholas Middleton reviews the Voigtländer Avus, a big folding camera for sheet film. What a contraption it is! Read Voigtländer Avus


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