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Welcome to my Saturday morning roundup of the best blog posts I’ve read all week!

💻 I am close with someone who’s been to prison. I wish he had been given an opportunity like the acting program Gwynne Watkins writes about — it might have helped him find his own life purpose a lot sooner. It sure did in the lives of the inmates in her article. Read Creative Freedom

Kodak Brownie Starmatic
Canon PowerShot S95, 2010.

📷 Kathleen Johnson reviews the Minolta XD-11, a 35mm SLR. She thinks its brilliance is oft overlooked. Read Minolta XD-11: The Best Camera Nobody Wanted

💻 There was a right time to become a wedding photographer. David Milnor, a photojournalist, recognized that time, became one, and did very well with it. He tells that story as he recommends a book that tells of the industries coming that we all need to be ready to capitalize on. Read Read: Industries of the Future

📷 Sam at Camera Legend reviews the Nikon F100. This is no one-roll review — this was his main camera for several years when it was new. He knows this camera like the back of his hand. Read Rewind ’99: What Cameras Were You Using 20 Years Ago? The Nikon F100 Review

💻 Josh Solomon profiles three women who were combat photographers. A compelling read. Read Women at War — Three Pioneering Female Combat Photographers – Part 2


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