Unknown U.S. Soldier

Unknown U.S. Soldier
Fujifilm Velvia (expired 8-2006)

The military cemetery within Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis is one of the largest in the nation. Countless rows of little markers just like this line a large section of the grounds.

In past visits I’ve looked and looked for an Unknown marker to photograph, always to no success. This time I was just walking by and caught this one out of the corner of my eye.

I cut the in-focus patch just a shade too thin on this photo. The marker is in focus but the fake flowers right in front of it are not.

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single frame: Unknown U.S. Soldier



9 thoughts on “single frame: Unknown U.S. Soldier

  1. I was not aware of the military section at Crown Hill. Have you written about it and I have forgotten?

    And you are right about the way this film loves color.

  2. This one is an interesting lesson in photography. These days there’s a lot of fascination with out-of-focus background – okay, obsession with it. You know the word. Usually it’s done to the extent where the background is just a swirl of light and colour.
    In this case that would be a failure. Instead the just-out-of-focus background adds to the image; the other headstones are blurred but recognizable for what they are. It sets the scene, and the foreground tells the story.
    You did it well.

    • Thanks so much Marc. I was going for the look I got, except that I did want the fake flowers in focus. But at smaller resolutions you can’t really tell they’re not. It’s great that I’ve finally built enough skill to be able to deliberately get the look I got here.

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